This tour offers you a glimpse of Bali’s fascinating past.

  • On your way to North Bali, you halt at the moon of Pejeng, Asia’s biggest copper drum.
  • Then onto Trunyan, a unique Bali Aga village on Lake Batur that cannot be reached by car. Its inhabitants are descendants of the pre-Hindu society.
  • You will cross the lake by boat, with a great view of Lake and Mount Batur, and visit the famous cemetery. Contrary to Balinese Hindu custom the bodies are not cremated but laid down in open bamboo cages under an ancient ‘Taru Menyan’ Waringin tree. This tree mysteriously neutralizes the bodies’ stench.
  • Upon your return by boat, you head for Pengelipuran in the old kingdom of Bangli. In this traditional village, all Balinese architecture remains intact.
  • Your journey continues to Pura Kehen. This is Bangli’s most important temple and dates back to the 11th century.
  • Departure from the hotel at 8.30 am

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